VIDEO: Interview with Bevin Prince of "One Tree Hill"

I’ve had the honor of interviewing more cast and crew members of “One Tree Hill” than any of the other teen dramas. Today I’m excited to add another name to the list.

Bevin Prince, who played Bevin in nearly 40 episodes of “One Tree Hill,” was kind enough to take a fun stroll down memory lane with me. Among the things we discussed:

  • How she first learned about “One Tree Hill”

  • Her reaction when she found out Bevin was being paired romantically with Skills (Antwon Tanner)

  • Her thoughts on Bevin and Tim (Brett Claywell) having a child together

  • Her return for the series finale

  • Why she thinks “One Tree Hill” has such loyal fans

  • The possibility of some kind of reboot or revival

  • Recently reuniting with a bunch of cast members for a VoteRiders letter-writing campaign

  • Her favorite teen dramas

  • Her decision to move back to Wilmington and open an outdoor cycling studio

…and much more! Watch the full video below!

For more information on Recess and its cycling classes, click here. And be sure to drop a comment below to let Bevin know how much you enjoyed hearing from her!

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