The Only Teen Drama Easter Episode

A lot of holidays inspire teen drama episodes. Apparently Easter isn’t really one of them.

I could’ve sworn several of the core six teen dramas did Easter-themed episodes, yet when I sat down to work on this post — originally titled “Teen Drama Easter Episodes” — I discovered there was actually a grand total of one. “Beverly Hills, 90210” episode 10.22, which is aptly named “The Easter Bunny,” is the only teen drama episode related to the holiday. And if I’m being honest, it isn’t great.

The hour has just one Easter storyline and it involves Steve (Ian Ziering) and Janet (Lindsay Price) panicking when they think the Sosna family Doberman, whom they are dog-sitting, killed the pet bunny rabbit belonging to the family that lives next to Casa Walsh. Steve being Steve, he hatches a zany plan to purchase another bunny and dye its fur to make it look like the one killed, hoping the neighbors will be none the wiser. After a mission under the cover of darkness to plant the replacement rabbit on the neighbors’ property, there’s a big twist the following morning, Easter Sunday.

When Steve and Janet go to the neighbors’ home for a holiday gathering, everyone is marveling over the rabbit… because the family’s bunny had died days prior and now seemed alive and well. A miraculous resurrection! The punchline, of course, is that Steve and Janet realize they replaced the deceased bunny for no reason — it was already dead when the dog found it and the neighbors knew it had died. The saga gives Steve an idea for The Beverly Beat: “Easter Bunny Rises From the Grave!” Yeah… like I said, not great.

It should be noted that while “One Tree Hill” didn’t have any Easter storylines, Jamie (Jackson Brundage) did have a pet bunny named Chester who was introduced in season 5. The furry friend appeared in a number of episodes for the rest of the series, with some genuinely funny moments and others ridiculously silly. The one below, from episode 5.13, “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace,” is rather sweet.

Are you surprised there aren’t more teen drama Easter episodes?

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