What Is TeenDramaWhore?

The original TeenDramaWhore.com: TeenDramaWhore.com is the go-to destination on the web for fans of teen soap operas. What’s going to happen on Gossip Girl? Is The O.C. still on TV anywhere? And how does the new 90210 compare to the original? You don’t have to go to different sites for each of your favorite shows. Find it all out here! With news, exclusive interviews and content, spoilers, polls and more, TeenDramaWhore.com is the most thorough site catering exclusively to the genre of teen dramas.

The NEW TeenDramaWhore: Welcome to the reincarnation of TeenDramaWhore on Substack, the only newsletter for fans of teen soap operas. Much of the above about the original TDW still holds true: I provide a plethora of content exclusively focused on the teen drama genre. This includes analyses of teen drama tropes, reflections on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “The O.C.,” “One Tree Hill,” “Gossip Girl,” and “90210,” and even interviews with fellow fans.

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Should I Sign Up for a Free or Premium Subscription?

A premium subscription, of course! For just $5 a month (or the discounted price of $50 a year), receive every edition of the TeenDramaWhore newsletter and enjoy full access to the archives. You’ll get exclusive content — like my signature “Teen Drama Links” roundups each week, as well as in-depth essays examining the teen drama genre — and invitations to private online events, like Teen Drama Trivia and Zoom chats with the genre’s key players.

Not sold on a premium subscription? That’s okay! The free level includes access to public TeenDramaWhore newsletters, including select posts with fun facts, analysis, and commentary. You can always upgrade to the premium level later for the full TDW experience!

Can I Contact You?

Please do! I can be reached via sharigweiss@gmail.com. I welcome all post suggestions and am always interested to know which teen drama topics you want to see explored. And can you do me a favor? If you find any typos, let me know. I may be an editor and a former journalist, but I make mistakes all the time. To make TDW the best it can be, let’s work together!

As seen in Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed, Vulture, Insider, Flavorwire, STFU Parents, Go Fug Yourself, Mental Floss, SheKnows, The TV Addict, The O.C.: A Critical Understanding, Gossip Girl: A Critical Understanding, and more!

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